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Base Energy is inviting interested parties to participate in the process within the Expanded Shallow Water Tano (ESWT) Block, Offshore Ghana. The ESWT Block consists of three discovered fields and comprises 1,500 square kilometres in water depths ranging from 55 meters to 116 meters.

Prospective bidders will have to execute a Confidentiality Agreement to review information for the potential transaction through access to a virtual data room.

Our overarching outcome is to invest, develop and maximise value on the block. Below are some reasons to invest in the ESWT Offshore Ghana block.

Key block highlights


Oil & Gas discoveries on block


mmbbl STOOIP


Wells over ESWT Block


Seismic data over entire block

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Watch our video and find out how we plan to maximise value on the Expanded Shallow Water Tano (ESWT) offshore block.

Low development costs

Shallow water

Shallow water development in 80 – 120m of water on the Ghana Continental Shelf


Favourable development commercial options as opposed to deep-water developments


Less reserves requried to be economically viable

Great upside on exploration and development

High case

High Case on current discoveries is 1.5 Gbbl


3D seismic to identify more exploration targets and delineate current discoveries


Potential to aggregate more discoveries into CPF

Accelerated production options


3 Oil and Gas discoveries already on the Block


Economic screening completed and commerciality options developed


Ready for extended well testing options now

Significant amount of data on the block


17 wells over ESWT Block

Test data

Well test data and core data


2D Seismic data over entire block / More 3D required

Progressive partnership

Joint venture

Collaborative partnerships with joint venture


Lean, and agile decision-making structure


Aspiration to commercialise block as soon as possible

Maximising value

Our strategy for the block is to explore more and aggregate what is currently discovered to maximize value.

To achieve this strategy we will acquire 3D seismic on block, drill exploration and appraisal wells and develop the cluster. We will also meet the highest safety, environmental, governance and business conduct standards across all our operations.

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